Wizard’s house

So I have started a prototype of a little house, there is much wrong with it and much more to do yet.

2017-03-15 13.30.10

The windows kind of failed they’re not straight, I do like the weathering and painting of the door and decking though. They’re not suppose to be split and broken like on the left side though, I’m not happy with all of the field stones of the lower wall though paint job wasn’t the best either but, not too terrible. Oops the door handle is upside down. I’m probably going to make the whole thing wider, I’m not aiming for a mansion it just seems too small.

The main structure is foam board, the wood used is balsa textured up by wire brushes, the field stones are made from green stuff. I also rendered the wall using Das air drying clay it hasn’t cracked at all which sometimes it can, I really don’t know why it hasn’t I  haven’t exactly treated it like a princess haha.



6 thoughts on “Wizard’s house

  1. I would not worry too much about the windows being exactly straight. Such houses warp with time and the wood can get quite distorted over the centuries.

    You could apply a drybrush to the stonework to draw it all together followed by the stone wash. Depends if you aimed for subtle differences in shade between the stones or a more prominent colour difference.

    On any remaining places where you feel it doesn’t look right I would just place some shrubs or moss. I do this all the time and in most cases nobody can tell ;).


    1. Yes we can always hide things, when I painted the balsa the painting it hid some flaws which I though would work the exact opposite way, I think it got a bit drenched in primer though.

      Yeah I kind of wanted to yellow the wall to age it and such but I didn’t really know what way to go on that.
      I understand sometimes in history the walls of poor people were rendered with various animal dung.


      1. Your tents are amazing, I made one just using a card template and scoring it. I by far prefer your tents though so much more realistic with the full on frame so you can even see all inside them, even make beds and decorate it all if you wanted to go that far.


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